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Karst Founders Kevin Garcia and Jon Tse

Aussie entrepreneurs turning mining and construction waste into beautifully designed stationery through their company Karst.

This was a quick 30 minute photoshoot specifically designed for images to go with an editorial about their paper and company Karst.


Like many creatives the sense of touch is important to me. It could be how a pen glides across paper or the feel of the paper itself. These guys have nailed it on every level with their paper. If you’re a creative or love the feel of a good high-quality paper, you’ll love this.

Thoughtfully designed. Sustainably made. Purpose-built.



We started by asking “why?”

Why does paper need to be made out of trees? Why can’t journals be waterproof? Why are people still using paper-making practices that were cutting-edge in the 18th century?


What we do today matters. Intention and action shape the future. Taking time and taking care is critical to creating the world we want to see. By applying a first-principles process to future-forward purpose, we craft beautiful tools to be used every day.

Our materials are responsibly sourced, employees are treated and paid fairly, and leaders work for a greater cause than a profit margin. Through our commitment to inspiring people and helping the planet, we take note of what matters most. Because what matters today is what shapes tomorrow.


We began in Sydney Australia, but we’re looking to have an impact across the globe. We know the next moves we make as a global community will have far-reaching impact for years to come.


The need for paper isn’t going away any time soon, but the need for sustainable answers to today’s problems is past its tipping-point.

The world has been hit with tough decisions about the future. Forced to consider conscious choices about what matters to them. To draw a line between necessity and redundancy. Entire industries are going to be left behind.





Monique Harmer

Monique Harmer

I love working and creating with people who are passionate about what they do and the difference they make. I understanding the value and importance of delivering contemporary photographs and video content reflecting the authenticity of a business to build their brand personality.


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