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Visual Communication

It’s an honour and privilege to do what I love every day and my mission is to make sure you have a great experience while I create unique images for your brand. 

These images increase exposure and brand awareness, helping you get noticed by telling multi-level story’s, promoting who you are, as well as promoting your business authentically.

Capturing the true essence of who you are is a skill I have developed over the years when working with clients and photographing key imagery for newspapers and magazines. This knowledge has been fundamental in helping my clients and when this magic happens, you will be amazed by how quickly people are magnetised to you and your brand.

The Experience & Process

Firstly we talk, or you simply fill out my ‘Personal Branding creative brief’ for insight on where you are and where you want to be.

During our visual branding strategy session, we uncover all the parts of your story that can impact your business by sharing. Next, we plan a detailed shot list including style, lighting, clothes & props to locations with specific themes and stories, so you are fully prepared with imagery for future posts.

You receive information to help you be best prepared for the photoshoot and unlimited phone/email support with me before and after the day of the photoshoot.

Every personal brand photoshoot with me includes…


* Visual Brand Strategy Session followed by a detailed shoot plan including themes & styling advice.

* Professional Hair & Makeup so you look your very best.

* Guidance and posing during the shoot so you look your natural best.

* Fully edited images – all enhanced to look the very best they can.

* Social Media Suite – we custom crop your images social media ready, square, stories, facebook banners, facebook ads & general posts.


Clients come to me in all stages of their business, either looking to increase professional visibility online to an established business going to the next level.

Some are looking for a complete rebrand others to freshen up social platforms.

Some have launches or events I photograph on the day or during the week of the event. These images are used for promoting core marketing messages and content over the next 12 months.

Some understand the value in using effective, engaging, authentic, well-planned imagery for a new website or updating an existing one.

Some are looking for professional welcome videos, promotional, marketing and advertising, product and/or service, website overview for headers to course and content videos, Whatever the purpose I have you covered.


After gaining an understanding about your brand. I look where all the opportunities are within your business and create a unifying theme for your shoot aligning with your business vision.

You will have images to go with each marketing plan, blog, post, email, website copy all relevant to the specific topic including ways you haven’t even thought of. If starting out and unsure I can advise you exactly what you can use where.

We plan what you can wear, your unique style, using key pieces from your wardrobe.

Profile & Personality

Social profile’s, website & digital business cards.

This is the real deal – the real you… use these to illustrate your blogs and advertising. You can cut and paste yourself into just about anywhere with these.

Customers will get you, know you, fall in with love you and want to do business with you.


Documenting real life events in an artistic way. Lifestyle photography is trending. The desire to capture natural, relaxed images is being embraced now more than ever.

Let me follow you for a day and capture all the images you wish you had to post on your fb and insta pages.

Together we choose the locations that fit in with your brand so I can help tell your story visually with you.

We strategically choose activities and match locations to match the conversations you want to be having on your socials or web copy.

Small Details

During our photoshoot I capture the small details too.

Flatlays, work environment, product, customer interaction, just about anything photo worthy so you have your own collection of customised detail images to post.

Social Media Ready Suites

All images, fully edited including colour, black and white, print and web friendly versions. Cropped, resized, ready for Facebook Banners, Ads, Stories and Instagram.  All you do is pop on some text and hit upload. It’s that easy. No need to filter or alter anything, they are all good to go!


2 hour Branding Session

Half Day Business Branding Experience

Full day Business Branding

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