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I live a creative life

"I'm a creator, passionate in my field.
Knowledgeable, Flexible when required, efficient, kind & caring, and love working with those who share my core values.
Above all else, my top priority is to do the best job my team & I possibly can at achieving inspiring imagery, reflecting your brands story & then going beyond it!”

Welcome to my 4th child


This baby has been in the making for way more than 9 months. Conceptualising during COVID-19 lockdown 2020, then putting it all together during isolation in Sydney lockdown 2021. Continually evolving, and a huge learning curve since my area of expertise is branding images and videography. Web design, layout and functionality has been a huge learning path so not nearly as rewarding as my beautiful children however overcoming each steps challenges are up there with teen ones. 
I was born and raised in rural NSW. After studying visual arts & sculpture in the 90’s I met with a local editor for Fairfax (Rural Press) with the intention to use their darkroom to photograph my artwork, to my astonishment I walked away employed. I loved my time with press and all the opportunities that came with it. After having my second child I transitioned to working for myself full time, freelancing for press at times, mostly photographing weddings, commercial & portrait photography for the next 15 years.
In 2017 I moved to Sydney to be close to family. I continued to freelance for press, Newscorp, The Daily Telegraph, AAP and NewsLocal while establishing my personal and business branding photography / videography business.



Why choose Monique?

I love working and creating with people who are passionate about what they do and the difference they make, understanding the value and importance of delivering contemporary photographs and video content reflecting the authenticity of a business no matter the size or where its at in the growth journey. 

This plays a pivotal role in documenting the history of the business or organisation on every level. At the same time increasing publicity and brand exposure.


I am super passionate about helping women in their journey to self love and entrepreneurial success. I’ve been honoured to have the privilege to work with so many truly inspiring people, businesses, and organisations over the past 25+ years. I’ve been fortunate to witnessing their growth and expansion from humble beginnings to where they are now by having opportunity to document this visually. Seeing people and business evolve when following their dreams has been pivotal in encouraging me in my own life.


Some have made a political stand for what they believe in – to help make the world a better place, some are celebrities and influencers promoting their latest achievement or discovery, to the local store owner around the corner. All have had a common thread “they are passionate about what they do and the lives they make a difference in”, either by inspiring others through sharing their own story or through the innovation of their product and/or service.


These images have been published nationally and internationally in newspapers, magazines, online news platforms, television. Others for websites, launches, social media marketing and advertising campaigns, publicity and brand exposure, corporate and annual reports, medical journals, research, and innovation.

Confidence in Getting Results

If you’re new to the personal or business brand space this is where my promotional expertise steps in, harnessing ways to increase your exposure with well organised promotion, where ethics and building up a professional practice are harmonised. Bringing attention to the people who need what you have to offer the world in an authentic way.


As a creative director I help you gain the courage to be the celebrity in your own unique story. My existing clients love it. Each time we have a photoshoot they’re excited to tell me what’s new or under construction, growth milestones, products, designs, customer experiences and journeys. This adds to the air of excitement in the shoot, flowing with fresh new, fun and exciting ideas we’ve both had since the last photoshoot.

As a business we are always evolving like our clients to offer the most up to date technology and advice from our industry leaders to our marketing experts. We pass this knowledge on to our clients when asked, to help them overcome any obstacles they may come across especially when starting a new business.


Meet some of our wonderful team

One of our videographers Rob & 2 of our star hair and makeup artists, Michelle and Choully. These girls are truly amazing at what they do.


Behind the scenes

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