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Portrait of Jess Yates outside FOX sports for her autobiography in the motoring section of The Daily Telegraph

Capturing the true essence of who you are is a skill I have developed over the years when working with clients and photographing key imagery in the media industry for newspapers and magazines. 

This knowledge has been fundamental in helping my clients and when this magic happens, you will be amazed by how quickly people are magnetised to you and your brand.

A portrait of Nachos actor Wagner Moura in Sydney for Sydney Film Festival
How do you plan for a business branding photoshoot?

In today’s fast paced, social media savvy business environment the need to connect & showcase the people behind your business has become fundamental in building your brands authenticity.

Well thought-out and planned portraits telling a multilevel story about your people while showcasing your business and gaining connection on a personal level with your clients, customers, and/or audience.

A Portrait of Voice winner Karise Eden at Universal Studios Sydney

Are you looking for professional quality profile photos representing the best you, but don’t need a full branding session?

This package is perfect for a quick multi-platform update for the professional or entrepreneur looking to freshen up their online presence.

A lifestyle portrait of Australian author Emma Harcourt holding her new novel at Bondi Beach. Emma has written a new novel called Shanghai Wife, inspired by her Aussie grandparents who lived in 1920s Shanghai.





I’ve been honoured to have the privilege to work with so many truly inspiring people, businesses, and organisations over the past 25+ years. Fortunate to witness their personal growth and business expansion from humble beginnings to where they are now.  Seeing businesses and people evolve when following their dreams has been pivotal in encouraging me in my own life.


Monique oh my word. I am speechless, I have never in my 4+ decades looked at any photos of me and not cringed. Thank you for your magic. You have a special skill and with difficult (need to be dragged) subjects.

Héma Prakash

Senior global Leader MINDBODY Asia Pacific

Monique Harmer

Award Winning Photographer Building Brands Authentically

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