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I approached Monique in the December of 2021 to do a photoshoot for my upcoming production of Puppets. I needed publicity shots urgently as my show was going on in February and I had less than 2 months to pull together a marketing campaign. The shots were going to be used on social media, as poster, on websites, as flyers, in a million different ways and in a million different forms. I needed lots of shots with different costumes, looks, poses… it was going to take ages and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get it done in time. Monique was more than accommodating. Within a week I was in the studio and within 2 days my photos had been returned to me edited. Her quality of work is exceptional, and she is so generous with her time, passion and skill. She is wonderful to work with and really brought out the best in me. She spent the week leading up to the shoot prepping and learning about the show, so she came with an abundance of ideas – her creativity made the shoot really special! I then hired her to do my dress run and event photography the week of the show. She was professional and efficient – demonstrating her experience and skill in this setting as well. She took over 1000 photos in my 1-hour long dress run and returned over 200 quality, edited shots within a week. She worked so well with the event and my audience was more than happy to work with her. She is personable, approachable, and so friendly. I would never use another photographer after my experience.
Olivia Ruggiero
Actress, Writer, Producer, Singer, Musician
I am founder of the Boarding Schools Expo which I established in 2005. BSE is a marketing event for all Australian boarding schools looking to connect to rural, regional and remote families looking to explore options for their children's education. Each year I booked Monique Harmer Photography to take shots of families visiting the annual Dubbo Expo. These images were then used as our marketing material including DL fliers, print ads (Graziher, The Land (ACM),TV ads (Prime TV) promo pieces, social media, and the BSE website. They had to be good. They had to be fresh and different from the year before. They had to attract attention. Monique’s shots never disappointed. Monique was perfect for the job. She has a very professional approach to her craft. Her professionalism combined with her creative approach to photographing families as well as children has given us the most wonderful library of pics. Her images framed the BSE ‘look’. I highly recommend Monique and her excellent work.
Meg Bennett
Boarding Schools Expo 2005 - 2021
I am a solopreneur with a history of selfies. . I knew my personal photos and selfies weren’t professional enough for my business. I was sick of not having the confidence to step up and be seen by others. I know it’s great to look ‘approachable” and unfinished – but I knew I also needed personal brand style pics to show people who I am at my best. The thought of having professional photos taken was/ and still is awkward. It brings back all my teenage insecurities and self judgement. I decided it was my time to be seen with some top rate photos. I’d had the cringeworthy school photos, the “makeover” shots at the shopping centre where my personality was somehow stripped away with the makeup hair and poses that just weren’t ME. I needed professional photos, and a photographer that ‘got me” and would help me be my best. When I found Monique Harmer, she cared about everything that I did. What clothes, which backgrounds, what hair and makeup, what lighting, which poses (she talked with me about it all.) I was so relieved and so happy with my photos. I splash them everywhere without fear or second guessing any more! Social media pics – amazing! Someone asks me for a photo for an article? No problem – I have it! Email it straight away! The right size, pixels, look and I’m 100% HAPPY with the way I look! I look valuable and so my business looks valuable too. Ps I have just sent some of Monique’s photos of me to Take 5 magazine, who are PAYING me for a story. It took me 5 minutes to email them. Before this I would have baulked at an article, knowing I’d need a photo, and possibly sabotaged myself. That phase is now over. I can BE CONFIDENT AND BE SEEN. So my clients can find me and connect with me. Thanks Monique! Cheers,
Monique oh my word. I am speechless, I have never in my 4+ decades looked at any photos of me and not cringed. Thank you for your magic. You have a special skill and with difficult (need to be dragged) subjects. Thank you.
"It's always a pleasure working with Monique. Monique always manages to catch the essence of her subject with her lovely calm attitude and approach. I also admire her never ending drive and energy. I look forward to working together again”
“Monique is a ninja photographer! She has ninja stealth photography skills as well as moves to capture the right shots! I enjoyed shooting with her, as well as watching her climb positions to capture the best angles! Considering the quality of her work, I was surprised to see a very fast turn over! This is how you can tell someone is intensely passionate about their work. Monique went through at least 3000 photos and was able to present them in a very stunning manner. They say, you look into a mirror to see yourself, but you look at art to see your soul. Thank you, Monique for allowing me to see both through your work”
Geneviève Devereaux
I have been using Monique Harmer Photography for over five years and have always been completely satisfied with her performance and professionalism. Her creativity to every project that she has completed for us has been outstanding and left a very good impression with my clients. I have also worked with Monique in planning marketing campaigns and events. She brings extensive knowledge of the type of photography required and any suggestions are well thought out. Her ability to follow direction as well as assuming a leadership role makes her a valuable team member. At all times, I have found Monique to be reliable, honest and very hard working and have no hesitation in recommending Monique Harmer Photography to work with any of my clients.
Monique is wonderful to work with. She brings out the absolute best in everyone, no matter who they are. She is delightful and professional. She takes great pride in her work and the finished product is always exemplary. I will always choose to go with Monique when it comes to my photos - whether they are personal or professional!
Olivia Ruggiero
Performer Singer 🎤 Actress
Monique is by far our favourite photographer! She has managed to capture the most important events of our lives so far. Our photos have always turned out exactly how we wanted them and are better then we could have ever imagined. We couldn’t recommend her enough. Can’t wait for our next shoot!
Tom & Claudia Bakac
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