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Top 10 steps to get you started, feel confident posing in front of a camera and create your brand reputation authentically.




Hi my name is Monique Harmer from Sydney Australia, I’ve been taking photographs for the press & media industry for over 20 years, branding people & companies, both nationally & internationally.

I created this easy to use guide, to help my clients during COVID 19 lockdown. With such a great response I decided to update it for anyone to use. It’s set up to help you build your brand authentically. In this fast paced world, it would be nice to have a photographer to photograph everything you do and pose you perfectly in the right light, styling etc, realistically we know it’s not always possible.

This guide gives you ideas, tips and tricks I use when I photograph, to helping you become more confident in front of a camera.

  1. The right light
  2. Confident glow
  3. Loose the chin
  4. Create shape
  5. Highlight what you love
  6. Engaging smile
  7. Radiate joy
  8. The perfect fit
  9. Don’t take it too seriously
  10. Practice

This also teaches you how to feel confident posing next time someone is pointing a phone camera at you instead of wanting to run and hide from the camera you can pose with confidence.

My wish is for you and your friends to have as much fun doing this as I had creating it for you.

I would love you to connect with me, follow me on social and be sure to tag me on social so I can see your amazing photos, I’d love to see what you create.

Love & Light, Mon X


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