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Piccolo Package Portrait & Headshots

#1 Piccolo package


The images in this package can be used for the new or experienced savvy online business owner. Are you keen to update your Website, about page profile, landing pages and social media platforms?  Or starting out and want a package that has it all included. LinkedIn profile, social media profile, Google business page, Virtual business card

and more.


This package will help to solve the following problems you may be facing. While you may be a master at what you do if your images don’t represent that quality how do your customers see you? If the story doesn’t add up in this time poor world we live in, someone else is just a click away. My job is to help with clicks on you and engage people to stay on your site or LinkedIn and want to read/see more. My aim is to help you drive more traffic to your website, LinkedIn and social platforms. Helping people who need your service discover you through professionally captured images that stand out.


Are people not remembering you or identifying you with your business when you absolutely nail your area of expertise on every level?……… If you have NO or poor-quality images of you on your Website, LinkedIn and Social Media Avatars how do you expect people to connect with you? Professionally? People want to know who they’re dealing with; it brings your service to a personal level where you look as professional as the service you offer.


How do you feel when you’re put on hold or speaking to a robot desperately trying to speak with a human to help you resolve an issue? Frustrated? This is because there is no human connection or understanding on any level. We’ve all been there. Are people clicking on someone else in your industry because they look professional however may not have the skills you do? The simple fact is they show up professionally this impacts people’s choices. Transparency, about who they are, it’s the beginning of a customer’s journey or relationship where trust is imperative. If you don’t’ stand up proudly to represent your belief in your brand or what you do, how do you expect others to?


Peoples time is a precious commodity in this fast-paced world. Did you know LinkedIn users who include a photo receive 21 times more profile views than users without one and 36 times more chances to receive a message with a professional headshot?


Having a high-quality headshot is fundamental to building your professional profile. Whether on your business website or social media, a great headshot encourages the viewer to read on.


People like to know who their dealing with which means bringing your service to a personal level.


This package is perfect for a professional, quick multi-platform update.


  1. Website for a more professional look with a clean background and engaging professional business portrait.
  2. LinkedIn for a more professional look with a clean background and engaging professional business portrait with a smile. Yes, I said smile or even a half smile. LinkedIn is slightly more personal than your website its directly representing you as a professional. Imperative you look approachable as well as professional.
  3. Social media This is where you shine a light on your personality. More relaxed, a bit of a behind the scenes on who you are and what you do.



A step by step walk through of what you will experience by choosing this package. What it looks like from the start to finish.

  • You simply book your day in my calendar. Note to secure your photoshoot. 50% deposit required to secure your day/time.
  • You then receive an email from me with tips on what to wear & hair & makeup if you prefer to do your own.
  • A link to a Pinterest page of portraits for you to look at, this helps you get more specific on the style of portraits you connect with most or you may have your own you want to share with me. You chose these images because you like them or an aspect of them. This helps create your own unique look and style with what resonates with you or how you see yourself as being. From professional, sophisticated to fun and engaging you define you.
  • A link to my calendar for our phone consult if your short on time and prefer email this is fine too.
  • A discovery consult (15 minutes), mapping out the photoshoot, location, any concerns you have about anything. Talking about the Pinterest images that resonate with you the most, so I have an understanding about your personal style. You share with me links to your website, LinkedIn and social and talk to me about your business so I gain an understanding about where you are and what I can do for you. Any wardrobe or hair and makeup concerns can be discussed here too. We also talk about your style, referencing Pinterest images you’ve chosen. Then we detail a shot list for the photography session.
  • Personalised email support with me after regarding any questions or confirming any other details.
  • Reminder email/text the day prior photography session.
  • Day of photography, my hair and makeup artist will meet you an hour before the photoshoot and stay with you for any touch-ups during the first half of the photo session, {note: beauty package clients only add link}, if you prefer to do your own hair and makeup, we simply meet at the location with you ready in your first outfit.
  • First, we take the formal website portrait. If there’s a plain background at the location great, otherwise I will setup my portable black or white one and portable studio lights to achieve a well-lit professional portrait of you in your style. Note studio style or corporate style, I talk you through this process referring to images you like from our Pinterest board and where its being used in your website.
  • Then if you choose to, we change the background or area at the location to achieve a different clean background for your LinkedIn headshot. You have time to change here if you decide too, while I quickly set up for this. This is more engaging, connection, eyes to camera, I will talk a lot and have your back here, what I’m doing is bringing out your personality so we can get the best of you.
  • The first 2 are fun but this is by far the most fun for both of us. Its where we get really creative and laugh A LOT. The style is decided from information gathered from our first discovery consult and Pinterest images you resonate with.
  • You change into more relaxed clothes, relaxed hair if you like, and can feel relieved the serious photographs are taken care of.
  • I choose your background here, diversity and relaxed is key, either outdoors or indoors depending on your location and time of day, I have an understanding of your style by now, talk with you about it and show you what it looks like on the back of the camera so you can relax and trust I know my stuff here. I have photographed a huge range of diversity in my career as a photographer from politicians’ personalities, actors, musicians, writers to the everyday person making a difference in their community. {New Gallery link}
  • After the photoshoot I walk you through setting up your virtual business card, you can add your favourite image.
  • I upload your Raw* images into Adobe Lightroom then refine the selection to the best images of you. [* I only photograph in Raw so I’m able to gain the highest possible quality image file my camera can produce, the upload and developing process is longer due to capture details in file size.]
  • I send these images to my Retoucher who then develops these images and retouches when necessary, leaves, rubbish, obstacles in background, marks on walls, anything that takes away from the image of you.
  • I then upload the images for you to view on your own password protected gallery page within my website.
  • You receive an email notifying you of your password and a link to your page.
  • In the comfort of your home/workplace you choose your favourite 3 images.
  • You have the opportunity to order extra images with a 10% discount code for additional images. [10% discount is only valid if purchased within 24 hours after receiving your gallery link]
  • Extra images will be available to purchase at the usual rate for 3 months after your photo session. After 6 months they are archived. Once archived if you would like to purchase images there is a recovery fee of $150 to cover all admin setup costs and the time involved to do this.
  • Let me know if you would like any Beauty Retouch options to any image you’ve chosen. {link to page options and pricing}
  • Within a week of your selections, you will be sent a link to download your selected images.
  • A set of these images will be print resolution and a set of these images will be web resolution to suit your Website, LinkedIn and Social media platforms so you can upload them immediately.
  • Commercial usage licence will be signed over to you on all your chosen images.




This package will impact your business by giving you the confidence, your images represent the best of you and who you are. From a business level as well as a personal level, engaging with potential customers. You will feel good about sending clients to your website, knowing it’s the best representation of you, what you stand for in your business.


If your business isn’t there yet, this will give you the motivation and incentive to keep moving forward, with everything else on your to do list.


Professional images speak worlds to clients about who you are and how you operate. When you look the part and value who you are customers feel you will show that same quality of service to them.


Your customers can visually see you as the professional person you are on your website and LinkedIn you stand out from competitors. More people want to engage with you because you look friendly and approachable. And your social media profile rocks, people see the fun caring natured person you really are.


You will have your photo on your virtual business card, if you don’t currently have one, I’ll walk you through how to set this one up, after our photoshoot so you can easily text your details when you meet new people, potential clients and contacts professionally or socially. Then when they look for someone in your area of expertise, they can easily identify you with your image, who you are and what you do, from their phone contacts, your image helps refresh their memory of the conversation they had with you, and more likely to contact you as opposed to a blank avatar they can’t remember why they added.



This package will impact you personally. When you look good you feel good. You will be nurtured and supported throughout this process, giving you the confidence to show up as who you really are, customers will feel like they know a little more about you, your friends and family love seeing you succeed so they will LOVE seeing great photos of you.


For some of my clients this adds to the transformation process where images are produced to align with their new business venture and vision. Their families love it because they’re excited, happy and look and feel confident. It’s the peace of the puzzle that was missing……… Transformative.



With this package you will be able to achieve the confidence to also supply the right photo to for marketing, an article, editorial, newsletter or email signature all at your fingertips…… Approachability.


I get into your head, I learn about you, this is pivotal in me understanding you. Images reflect people’s taste, how they show up, the people they connect with. Apples to apples. I have the experience, expertise and knowledge to take images reflecting the authentic you. People relate to authenticity more than ever now and they’re after connection more than ever before in history.


So stand tall my friend and know I have you covered when it comes to imagery.



Piccolo $399.00


  1. 30 minute photography session
  2. 3 professional magazine quality images, developed and retouched, headshot and/or portraits for use on Social media – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or your website.
  3. Pre-shoot preparation, consultation and guidance for you to get the most out of your 1-hour session
  4. Wardrobe styling guidance consultation and moodboard.
  5. 1 shoot location in Sydney
  6. 1-3 outfit changes
  7. Personalised email support with me.
  8. Online Proof Gallery within 48hours of your shoot. Giving you total freedom and control to invest in the professional photos that you want when you see them.
  9. Delivery turnaround within 1 week of your selections via a downloadable file from my website.
  10. Digital delivery in both Print Resolution and Web Resolution jpegs.
  11. Commercial usage license with your images.
  12. Ability to purchase additional images or upgrade your digital collection package.



Upgrade your digital collection package


  • Upgrade to beauty package – Professional hair and makeup stylist for you before the photoshoot at your chosen location $559




Extra Images – we’ve got you covered.


  • Additional images $125 each
  • Bundle pack – 6 extra images including social media image sizing to each image $550
  • All images in gallery and social media image sizing to each image $799


Note retouched – Digital retouching of natural skin imperfections is included and optional.

A professional beauty retouch service is available at a small fee and quoted to each clients requirements


Create PDF Pre-shoot preparation, consultation and guidance for you


A professional beauty retouch service link to its own page detailing what’s offered.


Payment plan options {4 x 2wk instalments on booking page link}




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